The Converging World is developing a number of resources to support community groups with their energy projects.  Read more about the specific resources below and click the page images to see them in full.  If you would like to use any of these resources please contact us.

How to write a sustainable energy plan

TCW's Sustainable Energy Plan (SEP) Guidance takes you through the process of writing an SEP for your community and involves the following stages:

  • Baseline Assessment - How much energy your community uses, broken down by type and sector.  The figures are also converted into CO2 and cost.
  • Energy Efficiency - A calculation of how much this energy demand can be reduced by using insulation and other energy saving measures.  This shows which measures will be the most effective for your community.
  • Renewable Energy - This calculates how much of the left over demand can be met with renewable energy technologies such as solar panels or wind turbines.
  • Action Plan - Taking the above figures into account we can now work out a prioritised list of projects to take forwards depending on your specific goals.

Sustainable energy plan - Data templates

The TCW Sustainable Energy Plan Data Templates simplify the process of collecting data for your plan.  The process involves breaking down a number of large spreadsheets and combining them to calculate the energy consumption of your community.

These templates reduce the process to simply pasting rows from the relavant files - the results are calculated automatically.

We have also produced simple templates to estimate the maximum potential energy efficiency as well as potential for renewable energy.

Community energy project - Financial Modeling

Our financial modelling spreadsheets support groups who would like to develop community owned renewable energy projects.  They are designed to simplify some of the more complex forecasting that accompanies this work and can avoid some of the costs of professional guidance in these matters.


Sustainable Energy Plan - Document Template

Use our document templates to create an attractive and informative sustainable energy plan for your community without having to start from scratch.  Available in either Microsoft Word, Open Office or Scribus (an open source dekstop publishing package) formats.

The templates already contain a lot of supporting information and appendices explaining the concepts explored in the plan.

A guide to community share offers

Coming Soon - A comprehensive guide on how to issue a community share offer to fund your renewable energy project.