Renewable Energy projects

The renewable energy database allows you to explore all of the projects on the community hub. You can sort and filter the results using the controls below as well as get a calculated total of capacity and annual generation. Click on 'view' to see the project's datasheet.

Totals for this selection
Annual Generation3,847GWh
Annual CO2 Saving1712.09kt
Name Type Community Stage Capacity Quantity Annual Generation View
West Mill Hydro Hydroelectric *West Somerset Identified 10kW 1 39MWh View
Dunkery Beacon Turbine Wind Turbine *West Somerset Operational 500kW 1 200MWh View
Porlock Biomass Biomass *West Somerset Operational 1000kW 1 2GWh View
Solar Farm Solar Photovoltaic *West Somerset Identified 1000kW 1 800MWh View
Biomass Biomass *West Somerset Feasibility/Planning 1000kW 1 2GWh View
Large Wind Large Wind Turbine Frome Feasibility/Planning 2.5MW 5 28GWh View
Mass PV deployment Solar Photovoltaic Frome Seeking Funding 4kW 2000 6GWh View
Test Bristol Turbine Wind Turbine Identified 1.5MW 2 1GWh View
PV 83 Nunney Rd Solar Photovoltaic Frome Operational 2.9kW 1 3MWh View
Asda Solar Solar Photovoltaic Frome Identified 25kW 1 20MWh View
Tellisford Mill Water Turbine Hydroelectric Frome Operational 60kW 1 250MWh View
Pilrow Wind Farm Wind Turbine Wells Constituency Feasibility/Planning 12MW 4 100MWh View
Jackdaws Iron Works Hydroelectric Frome Feasibility/Planning 10kW 1 40MWh View
Oakfield Academy PV Solar Photovoltaic Frome Operational 6.48kW 1 26MWh View
Wedmore Community Power Co-Op Solar Photovoltaic Wells Constituency Operational 1000kW 4000 3,800GWh View
Foxbury PV Solar Photovoltaic Foxbury Identified 4kW 500 2GWh View
Foxbury Biomass Boiler Replace Biomass Foxbury Seeking Funding 10kW 200 3GWh View
Foxbury Turbine Large Wind Turbine Foxbury Planned 500kW 1 1GWh View
Birchlea Biomass Plant Large Biomass Birchlea Operational 200kW 1 700MWh View
River Birch Hydro Hydroelectric Birchlea Identified 50kW 1 197MWh View