The Converging World in the UK

The Converging World is a charity that works in India and the UK to help build sustainable communities.  You can read more about our work on our website but read on to learn about our work in the UK.

We work with community groups – parish councils, Transition groups, schools and others – to help them understand their energy consumption, how they can reduce it and what the renewable energy potential of their neighbourhood is.

We help them to direct their efforts, set targets, measure impacts, remove barriers and extend their reach. Community-based change can be a slow process with little access to funds. Grass-roots activity of this type, however, plays an essential role in changing behaviour.

This is TCW’s specialism and our long-term funding streams help to provide the consistent effort that is needed. We use TCW’s work in Tamil Nadu as a twinning link for schools and communities which builds understanding of the challenge of convergence. The programme is free of charge - we fund it through our renewable energy investments in India.