Welcome to the Energy Hub

What is the Energy Hub?

The Energy Hub is an online complement to The Converging World’s community energy programme - 'Power to the People'.

It provides a variety of tools to help you understand, analyse and reduce energy usage in your community.  All communities can have a home page that presents their energy usage and steps they have taken to reduce it.  People can register projects that are planned, operational or just an idea and the effects of these projects estimated.

Read more about all of the features of the Community Hub here.

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How can we help you?

TCW’s free Power to the People programme has the following steps:

  • Baseline assessment:

    how much energy do you use?
  • Energy efficiency:

    how much can you reduce this demand by?
  • Renewable energy:

    how much of the residual demand can you supply with renewable energy?

We can help you through this process and support you in getting your projects in the ground. click to read more...

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Who are The Converging World?

The Converging World (TCW) are a charity that use investments in large-scale renewable energy to fund their work at home and abroad:

  • Community Energy in the UK:

    which is probably why you are here...
  • Development work in India:

    supporting communities to grow sustainably.